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Cookies Policy

While you are browsing the web, many websites will automatically download small text files called “cookies” to your computer. You never see them and you probably don't even know they are there but without them your browsing experience could be an awful lot less efficient.

The purpose of cookies is to help websites keep track of their visitors actions whilst on their websites. Unfortunately, some webmasters have abused this power and used them to track users for longer than was warranted and so cookies have gained a bad press in many quarters. This page explains the way CashLoans.co.uk uses cookies and the policy we have in place to make sure those powers are never abused.

In almost all cases, cookies are a way of helping websites remember your preferences or certain details about you in order to make it easier to browse them. Some websites, for instance, may need to remember your name and address so that you don't have to re-enter them every time you want to order something. In our case, we often use cookies to store information from a loan form if you leave the site before you are finished filling one out.

This means that if you fill in half of our loan application before getting distracted or just before a power cut you don't have to do the whole thing again next time you come to tour website. When you reload the site the form automatically repopulates with all of the information you entered last time.

Another common use of cookies is in order to track the traffic coming into our website. Cookies are a useful way not just of figuring out how many visitors come to our website every day but how many go to each page, what internet browser and operating system they are using, and which country they are from. These details are important in order to help us optimise our site for the kinds of users we are getting. For instance, if as a UK site we are getting a lot of traffic from Nigeria where people are ineligible to apply for one of our loans we know our marketing campaign has gone wrong!

On the other hand, our website will display differently in different browsers and on different Operating Systems (like Windows, MacOS, Ubuntu) and it's important for us to make sure it works for the large majority of our visitors. If we began to get a larger influx of visitors using Macs we'd take care to make absolutely certain our website functions just as well for those visitors as for Windows users. This is just one of the many run of the mill technical details we have to figure out for our users, and cookies are a way of getting that job done.

When we place a cookie on your system it will be stored in your Temporary Internet Files folder along with all of the other files necessary to run our website, like the graphics. It will then be deleted automatically after a certain period so you don't have to worry about it using up your system's memory. All in all, nothing to worry about!

Contacting Us

Please do not hesitate to contact us regarding any matter relating to this Cookies Policy via email at privacy@cashloans.co.uk.