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You want to borrow £100 for 1 days.

10 reasons to get your Cash Loan from us

At one point or another we have all struggled to meet our financial commitments, with payday still far away not everyone has a friend or relative to turn to in times of hardship. This is where we can help, you can borrow up to £1,000 for whatever reason and pay it back at a time that suits you, the money will be in your bank account usually in about 15 minutes whatever time of day or night!


If you have been contacted via telephone by someone claiming to work for please be warned it is not us, we do not make any unsolicited phone calls. We have had several reports of people being contacted and persuaded to pay an up front fee for a loan, we NEVER ask for any up front fees. If you have received such a phone call then please DO NOT make any payments, instead contact your local trading standards office and report the number you were called from.

Client Testimonial

Cash loans was there when I needed help paying my bills. I borrowed £1,000 and had the money in my account well within the hour. I'd highly recommend Cash Loans!

Katherine Griffiths

Did you know that 96% of our customers would recommend us to family and friends - Customer Survey 2011

Cash into your account instantly with a cash loan

Instant Cash Loans

The loans obtained through us work in the same way as other payday lenders, when applying you can select on which date you would like to repay it, there is even the option to repay the loan early and cut down on the interest. To qualify the only things we ask are that you are over 18 years of age, are a resident of the UK and have a UK bank account

If you would like to apply simply spend 2 minutes entering your details into our easy to use application form and the cash could be in your account in just quarter of an hour.

Payday loan

Originally an idea born in the USA, payday loans have grown in popularity in the UK in recent years. With banks unwilling or unable to lend to the general public, companies such as ours have stepped up to fill the void. Short term loans are a great financial tool that can be used by almost anyone for any reason, how many other loan providers can say that?

Applying for a loan from us is as simple as we are legally allowed to make it, simply enter your details on just one form and sit back and relax while we connect with out panel of lenders to get you the best deal. Unlike other sites there is absolutely no need to fax anything and no phonecalls to make, everything is processed automatically and completely online.

Quick Cash Loans

We understand that people who use our service are looking to have the money as soon as possible, to pay an unexpected bill, to fix a broken boiler or to fill the gap before their next payday. Not everyone has the ability to borrow from friends or family so a short term loan is an ideal solution.

We know from experience that with this type of loan time is critical, so we have done everything possible to ensure that once an application has been accepted the cash will be with you as quickly as possible. Our lenders use a special type of bank transfer that ensures the money is sent in the quickest possible time and is ready to draw on immediately.

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